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Youlian metal technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2 0 05, Which is a professional manufacturer specializing in all kinds of metal gifts, promotional items, advertising gifts, souvenirs and commerce gifts and beauty tools , such as Bag hanger(Purse Hook), Badges, Medals, Key Chains, Souvenir Coins, Bottle Openers, Napkin Ring,Spreader Knife   Belt Buckles, Facial massager,Eye cream bar and spoon, and other metal crafts and promotion gifts.

Famous Brands Audited ,Disney, NBC Universal , SEDEX , BSCI Certification .Let us grow together! And Win Win together !!!!We are100% sure that you would like the products we produced!

Why Us

Mr Yangchao Liu who is the president in Youlian metal technology Co.,Ltd,he has advanced quality awareness and has been engaged in the hardware industry for nearly 30 years. Since the early 1990s, he has learned the most advanced production technology and management experience from Hong Kong and Taiwan factories that have just moved to the mainland. According to the actual situation, he continued to optimize and improve, and served as the technical director of a foreign-funded enterprise. Insiders respected him as the industry technology benchmark. He started his own business in the late 1990s, specializing in zinc alloy die-casting, and later in order to ensure product quality and ensure material stability at the same time, he founded Dongguan Zhuhong Zinc Alloy Material Factory, and fundamentally gave his products back to customers in terms of material cost, material quality, and technical advantages!

The pragmatic spirit of Chairman Liu was further sublimated by the opening of Dongguan Lianfu Electroplating Factory. Lianfu Electroplating Factory is currently the leading company in the hardware industry in Dongguan Changan. It was the first to realize automation and specialize in electroplating of high-end products. It also provides a strong guarantee for the quality of its own products!

Entering 2020, under the influence of the COVID-19, industries all over the world have been deeply impacted and affected by unprecedented impacts. His companys reputation for quality advantages has been reflected in this environment, and his output value is not only No decline, but an increase of nearly 20% compared to previous years; he more deeply realized the importance of product advantages and technological advantages, for this reason, Dongguan Youlian Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was born under this background!

Beginning in April 2020, with his strong influence and cohesion, President Liu persuaded the other two hardware factories that had been in friendship with him for more than ten years. They were specialized in their respective fields. The factories were grouped together to establish Dongguan Youlian Metal Technology Co., Ltd., which allowed the company to grow larger while reducing expenses, and gathered the advantages of three technical talents, and focused its business objectives on its influence. From the company's overall strength, technical advantages, talent allocation and network promotion, we will strive to make Dongguan Youlian Metal Technology Co., Ltd. a leader in the industry in the shortest time!

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